What We Offer

Providing Reliable One-on-One Assistance for Parents

  • We can assist parents to work through a problem they may have with their child's school.

  • Parents can discuss their concerns in a confidential environment with a member of our team.

  • Speaking with a qualified third party can often provide perspective and give a person time to unload their worry.

  • Parents are encouraged to deal with their concerns rather than allow these to build up to high frustration levels.

  • Discussion can help to diffuse some anger and stress, which is best before contacting the teacher or the school. *Refer to our Section on What Parents Can Do for suggestions.

  • We aim to give parents an independent view of their particular concern.

  • We offer one-on-one coaching by our highly competent, experienced coaches.
    Coaching can boost confidence, clarify issues, and improve communication skills. Learn how to handle frustration better and channel the energy into productive behaviours. Learn how to have those difficult conversations calmly.

  • We can help you decipher the student's report. School reports sometimes have a language of their own. Sometimes, reports look good but tell you little.
    Parents really want to know how their child is participating and performing in school.