School-Parent Assist Values

The Values Our Team Upholds at School-Parent Assist



Professional standards are adhered to and upheld.


Standards of excellence for professional communication, coaching quality and competence are demonstrated.


Social connection and community building developed through collaborative partnership and co-created achievements are valued.


Inclusivity, diversity, and genuine caring for everyone involved with the education of students. People first, without compromising standards, policies, and quality.

Our Beliefs

We care about the well-being of children and young people.

We know that children learn best when they are in nurturing, supportive and encouraging environments. Setting boundaries and expectations can help many children feel secure.

A mutually respectful relationship with your child's teacher and the school is important to the student's learning and wellbeing.

Discussions about  the school, teacher or principal, are best held in private and preferably with those who are able to  provide balanced suggestions and helpful advice.

Many schools involve students when teachers and parents meet to discuss  issues

ba2b813d-c1c8-4ff9-9690-fdb9fbd79dd7kids in uniform teacher at computer

Listening with impartiality, empathy, and understanding
Discussion of your concern in a confidential environment
Analysis of your concern to get to the heart of the matter
Qualified experienced professionals are available to guide you towards solutions
Specialists trained in mediation and advocacy are available
Referrals to other specialists who may be able to assist will be provided