School information for Parents

Department of Education Victorian Government

Programs for schools; Fact sheets and other resources available

KidsMatter - Mental Health in Education :a National Initiative-'Be You'

Provides practical information for parents and carers covering Babies,Toddlers,Preschoolers, School age

Headspace /friends-and-family/life-issues

Website providing information for young people and parents about health & well-being,mental health,work & study, life issues, Resources for Friends & Family and for Schools and Professionals.

Fussy Eater Solutions

Provides practical solutions to reduce stress and to develop healthy relationship with food.

Free E-book available 'Turn the Tide on Stressful Dinners'

Marie-France Laval - Child Nutrtionist Specialist, Counsellor, Home Economist

Raising Children – the Australian Parenting website

Starts at Pregnancy ,toddlers,pre-schoolers,right through to Teens & Grown-ups

Information about raising children and how to look after yourself as a parent.


Parenting resources website providing useful parenting tips &information

Engage Consulting

Sarina Sorrenti - engage consulting group partners with business leaders providing strategic advice and practical tools to support individual and business growth.

Services provided are : Strategic Advice; Learning & Development; Venture Partnership

Coping Skills

Publications and workbooks for parents, families and teachers by Professor Erica Frydenberg. These useful publications are based on many years of research.

Adolescent Coping -promoting resilience and well-being. Prof Frydenberg is an educational, clinical and organisational psychologist who has practiced extensively in the Australian educational setting.